For each topic there is a STUDY GUIDE to help organize and take class notes, and ID's/QUESTIONS to complete to help get through the textbook reading. Print them out at the beginning of each unit. Due dates will be announced in class. There may also be other assignments, film guides, etc. Print and have in class as needed.




Document Based Question/Free Response Question Information

TImelines of Events (don't worry about memorizing dates)

The Renaissance to Wars of Religion (1450-1648)

Absolutism to The French Revolution/Napoleon (1648-1815)

Revolutions to WWI (1815-1914)

Global Wars to Globalization (1914-Present)

Middle Ages Review

The Renaissance

The Reformation

Exploration/Religious Wars

Absolutism in Western/Eastern Europe

Scientific Revolution/Enlightenment

18th Century Social Change/Growth of Europe

The French Revolution/Napoleonic Era

The Industrial Revolution

Ideologies and Revolutions

19th Century Urban Society

Age of Nationalism

Age of Imperialism

World War I/Russian Revolution

Between the Wars/Age of Anxiety

Totalitarianism/World War II

The Cold War (1945-1985) - Collapse of Communism/Recent Past

Semester Exam Review


Hint: This is an overview of the exam format with general tips and suggestions.

Free Response/DBQ Topics: A "history" of FRQ's and DBQ's by topic given on the past exams.

Free Response Questions: This is a link to the College Board site for released questions. It includes the questions, rubrics, and sample responses. Look at the rubric and responses and find where the points were given. Great practice.

Practice Free Response Questions

The Cave: Look for the following review links: Id's (by chapter and under Exam Review), Ultimate Review Notes (a big document, but one that may be worth downloading). We'll use the Study Guides in class. (Treadwell - Ft. Lauderdale HS)

The Cave

Historyteacher.net: Great review links - outline notes, topic quizzes. Find the link for Steve Mercado. It will take you several other teacher websites , plus more links from there.

Review Sites

AP Study Resources: MC, FRQ, DBQ Questions, links to review notes, outlines, study guides Practice Questions, Notes, Outlines

Tom Richey Resources

Tom Richey


Post Exam Assignment: This assignment will be weighted as a test gade for the last quarter.

Year/Class Evaluation