AP U.S. Government and Politics
Below are documents and links needed for the class. For each unit, there is a STUDY GUIDE with the reading assignments, id's, questions, and a space for due dates, and a UNIT OUTLINE to use in class to help with notetaking and organizing lectures. They are under one document. Have the Study Guide/Unit Outline in class when we start a new topic. Due dates will be announced in class. There may be other documents under each unit - film guides, web assignments, etc. Have them ready as needed.


Textbook-American Gov't/Politics Today(Schmidt 07-08)

Textbook-American Government (Wilson 13th edition)

On-Line Id's and Questions - Schmidt

On-Line Id's and Questions - Wilson

American Gov't/American Political Culture

I. Constitutional Underpinnnings of US Gov't

A. The Constitution

B. Federalism

II. Political Beliefs and Behaviors

A. Public Opinion/Political Socialization

B. Political Participation and Voting

C. Ideology

III. Political Parties, Interest Groups, Mass Media

A. Political Parties, Elections, and Campaigns

B. Interest Groups

C. The Media

Electoral College - 2008 (Vote Count Verification)

IV. Institutions of Government

A. Congress

B. Presidency

C. Bureaucracy

Executive Branch Websites
Agency Websites

D. Federal Courts

* See below under VI - Civil Rights/Civil Liberties

V. Public Policy

VI. Civil Rights/Civil Liberties

A. Federal Courts/Judiciary

B. Civil Rights/Civil Liberties



Hints: This is an overview of the exam format with general tips and suggestions.

SI Prep Review: Contains key concepts/terms to explain and define, along with free response prompts, all grouped by topic .

Supreme Court Cases: This is not a comprehensive list, but a very good starting point. Cases are grouped by topic.

Ethel Wood Review: This link is mostly content, with information on each topic, along with multiple choice questions. Use this site for reviewing the material more than for the questions.

Ethel Wood Review

Wilson/Dilulio Review: This link is good for practice multiple choice questions - some are better than others. The link says Practice Tests but each chapter is more like a quiz.

Wilson/Dilulio Review

American Government and Politics Today: This is our textbook. Use it for review - content, practice quizzes, crossword puzzles, etc

Schmidt Review

Meridian "Must Know" AP Gov't: This is an AP Government teacher website. Look for the links for "Must Know Vocabulary" and "Must Know Cases", and Study Guides for each unit.

Meridian Must Know

Free Response Topics: Shows a "history" of free response questions and the AP topic .

Free Response Questions: This is a link to the College Board site for released questions. It includes the questions, rubrics, and sample responses. Look at the rubric and responses and find where the points were given. Great practice.

Practice Free Response Questions

APEX Exam Review: List of topics alligned with the College Board Curriculum topics, and what kinds of review tools you can use.

My CitizenU

My CitizenU
AP Exam Review - Resources, Video, PP
AP Exam Review Resources

CSPAN"Cram for the Exam" Review: These are from CSPAN that are great for review. Two high school teachers take phone calls from students around the country the weekend before the exam. What's most useful for review is that the two teachers share lots of specific information on what will be on the exam, including terms to know, court cases, free response topics, etc. They are worth your time. The date for the review show for this year's exam will be announced.

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Post Exam Assignment: This assignment will be weighted as a test grade for the last quarter.

Year/Class Evaluation