Psychology is a semester Social Studies elective class designed to introduce students to major concepts, including Social, Biological, Developmental Psychology, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders. It is worth one credit toward the Social Studies graduation requirements. Check this website for links for handouts and other information.

´╗┐TEXTBOOK: Psychology: Principles in Practice

Below is a link to access the textbook.

Psychology: Principles in Action

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A link should appear for the textbook.

Unit Assignments - Key Terms and Online Quizzes

For each unit, there will be chapter key terms to define and section quizzes to complete online. Each unit will include 2-4 chapters. Due dates will be announced in class.

Key Terms
A. Use the textbook (yours or online) to complete the key terms/definitions for the chapter. They should be
handwritten. Number the terms by chapter (the textbook does not number them).

Online Section Quizzes (Homework Practice)
B. This link should take to a page titled Homework Practice. Each chapter is listed by name/subject, (not number).

Online Quizzes

1. When you click on a chapter name, it will pull up several quizzes, one for each section of the chapter.
2. For each unit, you will bet information on which section quizzes to do.
3. Complete the assigned quizzes. Then either:
a. Email the scores to me. Label each quiz with the chapter and section (ex. ch. 3.2 quiz).
b. Print the quiz scores on a single sheet of paper (cut/paste). Label each quiz. Print out the quiz scores and
staple it to the key terms.

Midterm Exam Review

Click the link below for the review packet.