World History

World History is a 9th grade semester-long survey course exploring civilizations around the globe from ancient to contemporary times. The first half of the class focuses on Ancient and Medieval history; the second half focuses on Modern and 20th/21st Century history. The syllabus contains specific units. We will look at political, economic, and social history, examining key persons, places, events, and ideas.

This website will have documents/handouts/assignments/links for you to download and use. You will be asked to print and have some items in class. Bookmark this page and refer to it regularly.

TEXTBOOK: World History: Human Legacy

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Human Legacy

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UNIT 1: Prehistory/Early Civilizations (Mesopotamia/Fertile Crescent, India, China, Egypt)

UNIT 2: Classical Civilizations (Greece, Rome)

Unit 4: Byzantine Empire/Middle Ages